Rehabilitation and Environmental Offsets

Redlands quarry …  replacing depleted reserves and providing environmental                                                    offsets for koalas

  • The Redlands quarry is planning to replace its depleting geological resources by extending its greywacke pit within Key Resource Area (KRA) 72 West Mt. Cotton.
  • The extension of the quarry will provide an additional 40 years of supply. There are no proposed changes to the level of existing approved annual sales or traffic movements from the quarry.                                                                                                                                                                   
  • The Redlands quarry site provides 65 ha of land set aside for koala habitat and nature conservation purposes. In addition, the quarry provides vegetation offsets on 54 ha of land it purchased in 2010 (a former Pineapple Farm) at Avalon Rd nearby.
  • To date 44ha at the old Pineapple farm has been planted with koala resource trees. Our recent surveys indicate koala are now using the maturing trees for food and habitat.                                        
  • The Redlands quarry is a long-established and locally-owned family business now employing its third generation of family members in the business.
  • It is not vertically integrated – meaning it does not own any concrete or asphalt batching plants to which it must supply aggregates. It supplies all its aggregates to the open market and anyone can purchase them, providing important choice and competition.                                                                   
  • The quarry presently employs 150 people including equipment operators, truck drivers, managers, technical, administration and maintenance staff. Many employees are resident within the Redlands.
  • The quarry spends $60 million each year on wages, goods and services, within Redlands and the wider SEQ region.

 Redlands quarry …  three generations of service to Redlands and SEQ

  • SEQ consumes about 30 million tonnes (Mt) a year of quarry products (aggregates) for use as building and construction materials, or about 10 tonnes per year for every person (a tip truck load each).
  • The Redlands quarry supplies between 2 to 4 million tonnes (Mt) per year of hard rock quarry products into Redland City, the Bayside suburbs, Port of Brisbane, and the Greater Brisbane Region – or about 10% of total SEQ demand.
  • The need for housing in SEQ consumes about 33% of all quarry materials, non -residential buildings 15%, road construction and maintenance 45% and other infrastructure 7%.
  • Affordable housing and roads therefore depend on affordable quarry materials, which double in the costs to the community, for every extra 100km hauled by road.